Drawing a Straight Line


Here are some of our recent projects. Click through any image to learn more about the project.

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    contemporary homes

    These homes, both being sensitive to site conditions and sustainable building materials, clearly portray a contemporary design.  

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    contextual homes

    Timeless design is defined not only by the structure, but also by the surrounding environment.  The design of these homes—with a contemporary flair—show respect for the surrounding environmental culture from which they share context with, whether it be farmland, historic, or mining.

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    Responsive Designs recognizes that the most sustainable home is one that is already built.  We have designed many remodels and additions to existing residences, adding thoughtful and complimentary space to existing structures.  

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    commercial projects

    We have been involved in several commercial, educational and institutional projects, including from day care centers, restaurants, and spas.  

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    solar homes

    We have been designing passive and active solar homes for the past 35 years, and  strive to not only incorporate solar components into a home's design, but now also design for net zero energy ready.

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    other homes

    Responsive Designs prides itself on designing  thoughtful and efficient spaces that reflect the client's programmatic needs, budget, site conditions, and energy efficiency.  


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